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edit my event

How do I edit my event now that I've created it?

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Hello! You should have received an email from the website with a link to edit your event. You can also login to the website and go here to view your events and edit the page:

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Event location option at NationBuilder is not working

Hi Tech Support, The 'country' data-field has disappeared from event location options after registering my Watch Party (WP) at the NationBuilder database. Therefore the WP I'm organizing is currently located in OH, USA rather than in Portugal (Europe). Just the wrong continent... and while trying to 'search' for it, its record does not come out! Can you please fix this ASAP...? The Google Maps right location for my WP in Portugal is:,+2800-672+Almada,+Portugal/@38.6733285,-9.1693239,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0xd1934e099cb4091:0x4a3fb192fac29a5d Thank you.

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Go ahead and try again. We've made a fix!

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